Made with Aloe Vera to help soothe skin and prevent skin irritations.
Grips on the hair, not the skin, creating a less painful waxing experience.
Moisturizes skin, preventing ingrown hairs, leaving your skin simply smooth. 
It's safe to use on the full body, face, and on sensitive skin. We are very careful about choosing only the best organic and natural ingredients, always with an eye on your health and well being. See our videos on our YouTube Channel



    1. Add dry hard wax beads inside the wax warmer pot for approximately 30 minutes on high heat or 45 minutes at keep warm to melt the wax.  Keep the top ON the pot to keep the heat inside to speed melting.
    2. Use a piece of paper towel and apply a small amount of baby oil, rub it all over inside and outside the wax pot.
    3. After the hard wax is in a liquid state, turn the pot off for 15 minutes to COOL down (must keep an eye on the wax until it reaches the right consistency to be able to applied on skin.) THE CONSISTENCY MUST BE LIKE A JELLO.
    4. Scoop wax using a Tongue Depressor “Spatula” (similar to scooping Ice Cream) and form a round ball on the Spatula before applying on the skin. 
    5. After reaching the JELLO CONSISTENCY maintain pot on KEEP WARM. 

Waxing Training
is Available 
Natural Hard Wax

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